Friday, December 7, 2007

Their "Coffee"

Hubby likes to have a cup of coffee when he first wakes up. I should re-write that....Hubby NEEDS a cup of coffe and about 30 minutes to get himself together when he wakes up. (Although he's had to give it up cold-turkey but that's another post). I on the other hand need (yes NEED) 2 cups of hot chocolate and some computer time when I get up. To get myself together.
We have discovered that Lovergirl needs something and 30 minutes in order to get herself together in the morning. She used to have a cup of milk, but now that just spoils her breakfast (or any other beverage I might give her). We have figured out what her 'coffee' is. Curious George. PBS kids in NH (which we get) broadcasts an episode of Curious George at 7am. Ah ~ for all the preschoolers who need their 'coffee' in the morning before they can get their day together.
So it's 7:06. Lovergirl is on the couch with Ella (her bitty baby) in her carseat (Ella that is) watching Curious George. Buddy keeps wandering in to watch a few minutes then he wanders out. He's not quite with-it enough to sit down and play, or really do anything else. So he wanders with his blanket in tow. Once they've had their 'coffee' they'll be ready for breakfast and to start the day. But I've learned - don't mess with them until they've had their coffee..and while they're having it...I'll finish my second cup of hot chocolate!


TracyMichele said...

What I would give for littles who need time to wake up. Nope, mine hit the ground running.. much to THIS coffee drinker's dismay. :(

~The Bargain Babe said...

Ha! We watch Curious George every morning here too! :)