Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jr. Mint and Impetigo

A. Julia nicknamed the baby Jr. Mint. Kinda fitting don't you think? Yesterday I had a 2-week check-up and Jr Mint was WOUND. Anne had a terrible time getting a good listen at the heartbeat because everytime she put that thingy (whatever it's called) on me where she felt Jr. Mint, well....Jr Mint would move. LOL It took her a while to chase the baby around but she got it. Anne was very pleased that my blood pressure had stayed down (so doing nothing is working!) and I continue to have no swelling. However, (yeah there's always one of those) I'm anemic. So today we're off to get some leafy green veggies, and some iron pills (blech). We go back the daybefore Christmas for our next appt, glucose test, and an ultrasound. And for ALL you out there who think it would be a WONDERFUL Christmas present to find out what we're having... Not going to happen!

Buddy seems to have a case of Impetigo (basically a little staph infection). *SIGH* Of course I didn't KNOW this and I've been taking him to Church, the grocery store, and more. :( Thankfully it's completely covered so he shouldn't have passed it on to anyway. But still...makes me feel awful.

Oh and we FINALLY picked our Christmas/New Years photo yesterday. We were quite creative this year :)

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