Tuesday, December 4, 2007

When Silence is Not Golden

You've heard the saying "Silence is Golden" A mother came up with this I'm sure. She realized it at nap time one day when all her children were asleep.
Somedays though Silence is Not Golden. When children are awake and you hear silence you begin to worry. Now with Lovergirl this has never been a problem. She sang and talked at a very early age. At 12 mos the child was communicating in sentances to us. She still to this day enjoys a good song, or just talking. I always know where she is and what she is doing because I can hear her.

Buddy is quite the opposite. He can say words. He just chooses not to. Really he has better things to be doing ~ like drilling things, or hammering the floor. Or trying to saw my leg. He will say "eh" when he's doing these things. Or grunt. The kid sounds like he's 80 some days. But when there is complete silence from him I panic. It means he's doing something he shouldn't be. Like sticking the rechargeable batteries in the teeny-tiny whole in the wall (we still have the charger though ~ and I'd say fixing that wall is next up on the list.) Or standing on my manger (!!!!!). I mean really it's at quite an angle, but he somehow manages. Or eating a fist-full of margarine that was on the table. (GROSS!) Please don't suggest child-safety anything...he knows how to push in buttons, tabs and whatever else they put on things to keep him out/safe. He can climb up on the table faster than any child I've ever seen. So now instead of listening to blissful singing or chattering, I'm listening for earth-shattering silence. So if you happen to call or stop by and it's loud because buddy is spinning in circles and babbling at the top of his lungs please don't ask him to stop. I know where he is and what he's doing :)


Anonymous said...

Jay used to eat margerine ALL the time. nasty. ~ Julia

~The Bargain Babe said...

ha ha. Silence is a BAD sign.