Thursday, December 20, 2007

The birth of baby Jesus (at least as played out here)

Mary ~ played by Miss Lovergirl (4-1/2)
Joseph ~ played by Buddy (17 mos)
Baby Jesus ~ played be a red stuffed valentines teddy bear
Doneky ~ played by Thomas the train ride on * that sings & sounds like a train when it is moved*

Setting ~ our home...from the kitchen, down the hall to the living room.

Mary being great with child and wearing a beautiful purple dress up dress and a Mickey Mouse blanket head covering, is desperately trying to get Joseph to lead the donkey to the stable (the living room). Joseph apparently must think that Mary is too great with child and is breaking the donkey's back so he desperately tries to push her off the poor donkey. Mary finally gets off, lasso's the donkey herself and leads the donkey to the stable while Joseph pushes from behind. All the while the donkey is going 'chugga-chugga'. Mary having to lead the donkey to the stable forces her into labor. Thankfully it is the quickest labor and delivery in all of time and so the baby Jesus is born quickly, and quietly. As Mary is attempting to wrap the baby Jesus in some blankets and show him the Christmas tree, Joseph snatches the baby Jesus and starts running. The donkey gets thrown over on it's side while playing a little diddy. Mary starts yelling at Joseph to bring the baby Jesus BACK as she is not done, the Angels have not come, and neither have the shepherds OR the little drummer boy. Joseph thinks it's funny and so he runs back on the path home (back down the hall, into the kitchen) to show his parents their first grand-child. At this point Mary is chasing him and is in tears because she just needs baby Jesus back!

The curtain closes.


Deanne said...

If I close my eyes, I can "see" it all happening.

Ha ha it!

Anonymous said...

sooooo funny!!! :) :) ~Julia

Kristin said...

What a cute story :)