Saturday, December 15, 2007

Begging for a morning nap

Now before you jump to any conclusions...not it is not ME begging for a morning nap. Buddy is. Today is the 4th morning in a row I've found him standing at the bottom of the stairs around 8:30, holding his blanket, rubbing his face with it and going 'eh, eh' as he points up stairs. So for the second morning in a row (as it took me TWO mornings to figure out what he wanted) I've laid him down. And he's slept. For over an hour. He'd probably still be sleeping, but I want him to nap this afternoon so I get up. I'm not sure if he's fighting something off, or using all his energy to grow (he did eat over half of a personal size naked pizza for dinner last night!). Either way the boy is tired. And so I let him sleep. He's happier now. He's sitting in the toy room reading his Bob the Builder lift-the-flap books quietly (as opposed to undecorating the tree which is what he was doing BEFORE his nap). His morning nap also gives me the chance to shower with out him taking out every diaper, unfolding every article of clothing in his dresser, putting toys into the diaper champ and flipping the handle (who knows what's been taken out to the trash), or just leaving him in his crib and listening to him yell at me or Lovergirl for 20 minutes. He apparently doesn't like to be left alone in there. Even with a basket full of toys! The only downside of this is that I won't know that's he ready to give up that morning nap again until he just doesn't sleep one afternoon. *SIGH* But for now he's very happy :)

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