Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....

Ok not, really but at this point what choice do I have? We have about a foot of snow outside with no real warm-up to melt it all in sight.

So here are some pic's of the kids in the snow

Lovergirl trying to show Buddy that snow can be fun

"Skating" in the driveway. She can't WAIT to go ice fishing this year. BRRRRR!

An unsure little boy. Buddy isn't sure what to make of the snow. He likes watching Lovergirl. He likes being outside. He's fine in his jacket & sneakers. The minute he gets into his snowsuit and boots it's like he forgets what to do outside! So when it gets warmer this week we're going to practice being outside in our boots ~ like putting them on for errands and such. And don't you just LOVE his snowsuit? It fits great! And I paid less than HALF price for it b/c I got it on e-bay!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I see that ice fishing comment and will be SURE to pass that along to Uncle Scott :) ~ Julia