Sunday, December 23, 2007

The end of an era

The Sentra is gone. Sold. Never to return to this driveway again. EVER. (at least I hope not!) The cash is sitting in my pocket right now. I've signed the title, and the Bill of Sale. I'll get my copies signed on Thursday (Lord willing it doesn't snow AGAIN this Thursday and we can have small group!). It went to someone who is re-building his life. Which is fitting since the Sentra needs a little work too. Well more than what we'd want to even think of putting into it. Plus well we don't fit in it any more.
I'm a little sad. No more Garth marathons in it. Not that all four speakers worked at the same time now anyway. It was a good little car. We went many places together. Loon Mountain, a few times. To Yarmouth and back every day for five years. Camping trips when we packed it about as full as we could get it. We had our share of accidents too. Those were the not so good times.

When I drove it off the lot it had 11 miles on it. Now it has 250,000+ miles on it. It is 11-1/2 years old. YIKES.

Now I drive around with 2 car seats in a mini-van. There are no Garth marathons although sometimes it seems like we have a Little People marathon, or Veggie Tales. There are days in a row where my van never leaves the driveway *GASP* The Sentra probably started to go downhill when it wasn't making that trek to Yarmouth any longer. It simply didn't know what to do with itself!

Ah yes the end of an era. I am no longer the 25 year old with a Ruby 5-speed. No, I'm the 31 year old with white mini-van. However if you see me at an intersection with no kids and can hear my radio you can bet I've found a song I like and am belting it out...How does it go again? "She was standing in the kitchen with nothing but her apron on?"


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU my friend!! And to be honest, I'm a little weepy sitting here reading this at my desk... :( ~ Julia

TracyMichele said...

It is official.. we have all moved on. :( Al the cars from our first-encounter Denny's trip are gone. The Mazda, The 'Ta, the Sentra, B's truck... gone, gone, gone. Ok, I'm sure the big green machine is still on the road but the rest... gone. :( Onward and Upward, I say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I really AM crying... for the loss of the 20's and the excitement of the 30's and beyond. I love BOTH of you! ~ Julia