Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WOW can he eat

I know I've said to a number of people that I'm amazed at how much Buddy eats. And he can eat. He out-eats me. So I thought I'd share what he ate for dinner tonight....

1 Bowl of WholeGrain pasta w/ sacue (kids size bowl)
1/2 slice of whole grain bread
1 15oz can of pears. Yes one ENTIRE 15oz can of pears. No sugar added pears I might add. But the entire can none-the-less.

Now had he skipped every other meal and snack I served today I could see this not being THAT big of a deal. But he didn't. For breakfast ~ one and a half doughnut muffins (homemade of course)
Lunch consisted of a large banana & a graham cracker. Fill in 2 snacks in between the main meals and you have his complete day.

Last night he ate 2 chicken thighs & and a large potato!

I fear when he's a teenager of what my grocery bill will be like

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