Friday, October 19, 2007

Things in my purse....

Ok this is easy enough...I can play along :)

First up ~ find purse!

3 "KEEP THIS COUPON" tickets from soccer...Do I dare toss them yet?

Appt card to see Anne next week ~ been looking for that

Two Chex Mix coupons ~ been looking for those

Tastefully Simple Receipt *

One Burts Bees Lip Balm (Love the Tingle!)

Receipt from Breakfast this morning

Bed Bath & Beyond Receipt *

1/2 'tube' of cinnamon mentos

Shaws Raincheck for the stupid turkey's they ran out of last SAT!!!! GRRRRR

Two Pens

One Aveeno Baby Sunscreen sample tube ~ soccer season isn't quite over yet!

One Red & Blue Binky ~ just in case :)

Cell phone

Gas Receipt from the milkroom

One cinnamon disc

oh wait.. 14 more cinnamon discs (candy basically) ~ helps morning (ALL DAY) sickness

One pack Trident gum ~ unopened

CVS Extra care key-card

Lip stick

Eye concealor

Wallet w/ $$, debit cards, insurance cards, future appt cards, etc enclosed

* items were disposed of!

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