Monday, October 8, 2007

A good weekend, followed by a not so good Monday

We spent this weekend in CT with D's EE boss. The kids got somewhat spoiled (Fred & Carla's kids are grown and mostly out of the house). I didn't have to cook ALL weekend ~ and let me say Fred can cook! YUMM! We didn't sleep so well the first night, but the second night was MUCH better. D taught his first SYF conference - well part of it and did well with it.

Today has been a different story. Children are crying, sassing and just plain being awful. Toys have been taken away, stern looks have been given, and nap time was bumped up an hour (3 plus hours later they are STILL sleeping and I'm enjoying the silence). I feel awful - which can only mean one thing - my thyroid function well is starting function again. So you get the idea of how my day is going. Just before lunch as children were crying, sassing and more I looked at miss Lovergirl and said "Did you leave your good behavior in CT at Fred & Carla's?" "No mommy why do you ask that?" In a sweet voice of course. So I reply with "Well because you haven't been very good today, you've backtalked me, not been nice to Buddy" and then without missing a beat she says "I think it ran away and just hasn't come back yet" G-R-E-A-T. Please come home good behavior...I miss you!

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