Monday, October 1, 2007

Car Options

Now we don't have the newest vehicles in our driveway, so maybe someone can tell me when blinkers became an 'option' on a car. You know what I mean - the radio is standard the cd player is an option. When did the blinker become an option that you can either pay more for, or just not get????? I'm SO confused. I got behind MANY people this morning on the way to my mom's and many of which apparently got it as an option. It didn't matter the make or model of vehicle either. One person almost had my van in his backseat because not only was the blinker an option, but apparently the brakes were also. I was amazed though that his dog did fit securely on his lap. Wonder where you get THAT option! I wish it would go back to being a standard feature in cars!

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