Friday, September 28, 2007


On Wednesday morning we had our first appt with Anne yes we call our dr by her first name ~ we love her that much :) First off I must I'm not sure who is more excited about this baby ~ her or us. She kept saying over and over "this is so exciting, oh this is so great" I mean granted her job is to take care of pregnant ladies and deliver babies but WOW! Anyway I got the normal exam (fun, fun) she went and got the family and we listened to the heartbeat. :) It still brings tears even with the 3rd baby. Lovergirl was listening and when A got the heartbeat, Lovergirl said there it is, and proceeded to make the noise. Buddy on the other hand just stared at my belly and then at A as if to say "how did you get that noise out of my mother?" It was so sweet.
We also went over ALL my blood work. Kidney function - better than it's ever been (in her words - your body is FINALLY getting what its supposed to do in pregnancy - FUNCTION!!) 24 hour urine - my clearance is better than its ever been. All my other 'regular' blood work came back normal and better than what it's been the last two times. Except one thing. My Thyroid. Once again my thyroid is hyperactive. Which would explain WHY I need to eat about every 60-90 minutes and I haven't gained a POUND. And not only is it hyperactive it's worse than it was last time - which is amazing to me that I haven't been more sick this time. I myself was getting concerned with how often I was hungry and was I really hungry or just think I was? And if I kept eating at this rate I was going to gain so much weight. However in the next week or so if all goes as planned then it will start to correct itself and I won't need to eat as often (which is what happened last time). She'll recheck that thyroid in 4 weeks and go from there. In the mean time I think it's time for another snack :)

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