Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So we've been at this support raising business for almost 3 years now. It has been frustrating, daunting, mind blowing, overwhelming, exciting, process. And yes all of those at the same time. For a number of reasons
1 - we're staying in Maine. So it's not like people see the need to ship us to some foreign country next year. There seems to be no sense of urgency on other people's part. In addition the cost of living here isn't cheap. It's EXPENSIVE. I try to cut corners where I can, but it is what it is people. So when people see our goal they are shocked. Well folks, we do need a place to live, DH has an office he needs to pay for, we're required to have health insurance, and retirement, and oh yes - we need to get paid!
2 - this is new territory with EE. Back when we started 2 years ago there were 2 churches in Maine that were actively participating with EE. TWO. 15 in ALL of New England (although we don't believe that number for a second after talking with a number of them). Today there are 6 churches in Maine (I think that number is right) who are consistently participating in EE. SIX. WOW do we have a lot of work ahead of us. So it's like plowing ground that's been hard for 25 years and expecting a great garden. Not going to happen.
3 - Relationships take time here. A LONG time. Longer than most places. With D working 48 hours a week at another job, it takes even longer.
4 - We're not going to do the evangelizing for people - that my friend is the kicker right there. See we're going to help equip people to do it themselves. If we said "support us and we'll evangelize Maine" oh you can bet we would have been 100% supported 2 years ago. But that's not the case so I think some people are a tiny bit nervous. :)

So in my last post I warned of things changing faster than what we were expecting, and what the immediate future was going to look like. Well it seems that has changed. AGAIN. Yesterday we got an e-mail from D's supervisor at EE, and they have determined that they need to start paying us for full-time work, and weaning us off this salary in the next three years. OH MY WORD. We've only been asking, begging, praying for this for two years. We'll get some more details tomorrow when D calls him, but thats how it appear for now, is that the first of the year, D will no longer put water in a bottle and sell it for profit (please don't mind me if I start hording our water), and instead walk the long walk downstairs to his office to work each day. Or get in his car to drive to see someone. We are MORE than excited. This is what God has called us to do, and we know that with out a shadow of a doubt. This will give us the opportunity to plow that earth up here more than just here and there. It will give D the time to build those relationships so we can have the right to ask for support. And watch out - someone soon is going to be telling you WHY you need to train your people to evangelize in every day situations. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! :) sounds great for you... we'll continue praying!!! Big changes!!! :)