Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hold On.....

I fear the next few months is going to be a time when we are hanging on for the ride of our lives. D is preaching/speaking/teaching somewhere every other weekend 2 weeks ago, thru the end of Oct. So yes his weekends off are booked. SOLID. Other changes are in the air and are going to put us in a spot that we did not imagine, but could be a means to an end. It's going to be a fast ride so hold on!

Dr Rainville has started me on blood pressure medication. It's up slightly and we want to stay ahead of it. It also means I'm back on my extreme low-sodium diet. We aim for 1000mg's a day. Sometimes its over, sometimes it's under. I also had all my blood work done on Thurs, and haven't heard anything back. I suspect if there was a problem she would have called me Friday afternoon. The big one is to see if my Thyroid is normal this time around, and my Kidney's. Now if I could just get the insomnia under control. *SIGH*

Miss lovergirl starts soccer today. Last night she was wearing one of her dress-up costumes AND her shinguards around the house. It's going to be a hot one today, so hopefully they won't keep them for the entire hour.

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