Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pregnancy Cravings

I have not craved junk food like this since I was preggo with Miss Lovergirl. This is SOOOO frustrating! The latest craving? Fudge. Chocolate fudge. And not just any chocolate fudge - a specific kind I learned to make out of the family fun magazine last year. GGGRRR. I have not made it (instead I have napped or gardened), because I know I will not eat just one piece and be done. I will eat the entire pan which will gain me unnecessary weight, a belly ache, and a sugar rush. None of which I need or really want. Right now I am hungry, and am trying to think of different things I can snack on that may help curb that craving. Oh Lord help me to be strong!


TracyMichele said...

I read if you eat a sour pickle, it will curb the craving for sweets. Never tried it so let me know if it works.

Also.. eating more of a vegetarian diet will control that swing from meats to sweets. Think of meats on the left of a line and sweets on the right and veggies in the middle. If you stick with grains, fruits and veggies you will stay in the middle of the line and not swing both ways. Ever wonder why after a big old steak we always want to order that chocolate cake?

~ Laurie said...

Sour pickles - BLECH! Will never eat those suckers (LOL!)

And I can honestly say I've never craved chocolate cake which is why the fudge craving is throwing me off!!!! I don't like chocolate!