Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pregnancy Eyes

I have been giving the contractors, and my DH a hard time as they see things with their "man eyes". They ask me where a ladder is - that is either right behind them, or at their feet. Of the 4 of them that were watching the Applicators truck back into our driveway not one caught the fact that the truck was about to rip ALL the lines out of our house. I on the complete opposite side of the property see it and start screaming. They're all admiring the truck.

Well this morning DH got me back. Apparently I have pregnancy eyes. Rewind about 10 minutes and we were discussing with lovergirl what to have for breakfast - she requested plain waffles - not those blueberry ones I already had frozen. No problem. I get out a cookbook, and start mixing. Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Eggs, Milk, Oil. Well in the recipe it calls for egg yolks & egg whites - beaten seperately. However in smaller print under the recipe it says 'for easier recipe don't seperate eggs and beat before adding' I opt to not seperate eggs. Well here my friends is my problem. What I saw was 2 eggs & 2 egg whites. What was written? 2 Egg YOLKS and 2 Egg whites. YEP. So you guessed it. In went 4 eggs. Do you know how soupy 4 eggs make a single batch of waffles? AAAHHH! So thankfully it was a realitvely easy mistake to fix ~ I just added more flour, baking powder (no more salt!) Milk & Oil, and beat. So instead of making roughly 12 waffles for breakfast...I made 24. Sheesh. We'll be eating a lot of frozen waffles.

DH just smiles and says "so you're using your pregnancy eyes huh?"

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