Friday, August 31, 2007


Last night we had a doozy (there's a word for you - doozy) of a thunderstorm. Bill & Melissa here and we were discussing church stuff - more on that MUCH later. Anyway we could all hear the storm getting closer, and they needed to go pick up Sara at driver's ed (how weird!) So Bill prayed and part of his prayer was that ALL the kids would sleep thru the night (they have teenagers, and little kids like us!). I kid you not he no more than said AMEN, and lovergirl started crying, and screaming. She was scared cause the storm was getting pretty bad. Well I'm a pregnant mama who doesn't want to spend the next hour listening to her sob. So I offer to let her sleep on the floor of our room. She said yes I think before I finished asking the question lol. So there she was in her dress (she wanted to still be a princess, and apparently princess' wear sundresses to bed), with her dragonfly LL Bean sleeping bag, pixie dust pink pillow, and her nuh-night bear on the floor of our room. I think she was asleep in less than 5 minutes. Really I have no idea as I was asleep in less than 3. Amazing what being pregnant does to you. Lay down, close eyes, and instantly asleep. AHHHHH.

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