Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing much to say

I really don't have anything significant to post - just some random 'odd' things.
I am fighting off a cold. I feel MISERABLE. Sleeping when I can but with my lovely preggo insomnia it's not really getting me anywhere. Last night I tried a concotion of garlic tea which helped for about 12 minutes. Then I was right back where I started.

Today Buddy has a dr's appt for a weight check again. Seriously. If the boy hasn't gained weight I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Last night for dinner he ate 2 burgers, a cup of wax beans and then a piece of apple pie. He out-ate me. He regularly eats more than Miss Lovergirl. Don't you WISH you had his metabolism??? I sure do! Anyway I'm going to insist on some allergy testing. Having your kid yiff goldfish on the couch is not fun. (Also remember preggo nose cleaning it up!!)

Last night my parents brought over the old flat bottom boat that we're going to turn into a sand box for the kids. I love it. There are benches to sit on inside it. (we're not filling the entire thing with sand) It will be easy to cover. And they can pretend they're on the highseas. Miss Lovergirl keeps asking when she can practice casting out of it with her fishing pole (OH UNCLE SCOTT?????)

Yesterday morning we had to turn the heat on (course it could have to do more with the fact that I have the chills than the temp!) it was 63 in the house. I was chilly. This morning I just flipped it on to take the chill off. Hopefully it'll warm up a tad more today.

This week D is preaching in Kennebunk. Hopefully I'll be feeling better so we can all go. However if there is no nursery for Buddy I think we'll be skipping that trip. It's just too hard with him in the service. I don't end up staying in the service with him and he ends up a crank as there is nothing to do. And really I can't let him bring his hammer with him to hammer during the service. ;)

This weekend I'd like to go pick some apples. No idea on what the weather will be. Nothing like fresh picked apples. YUMM!

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