Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet Words to a Mama's Ears

No it's not "I love you" or "yes Mommy" While those are sweet words that I do love to hear, I think we'll ALL agree that the following is something that just makes your heart smile.

Yesterday D spoke at Kennebunk Baptist Church. They held an impromptu nursery for my 2 dear children :) Thankfully as Buddy was more interested in playing than anything else - and we were sitting in the second row. After that like good baptists do we went out to lunch with the pastor and his wife. Squaretoes (Which BTW J - I've decided I need to come down there some day when D is off, get my pedi, meet you there for lunch and then I'm hitting Stop N Shop for groceries). Anyway -Squaretoes. Cute little place. Yummy food. The kids did VERY well. Miss Lovergirl colored two placemats (Thankfully just the white paper kind) and Buddy sat there drinking his milk and eating his crackers. When the food came they ate. And ate. And ate. At the table behind me I could here a couple of 'older' ladies commenting on Buddy's appetite. The boy ate all but 5 bites of a burger - which really is about one bite for an adult. Plus some of his fries. Plus 2 cups of his milk. The kids never fussed. They never whined. It was 1:45. YIKES. What did we agree too??? When we were on our way out a lady stopped me. She paid me a compliment - "You should be so proud of your wonderfully behaved children. It's so nice to see." Ah yes folks that right there are sweet words to a mama's ears. That my friends is what made my heart smilk. My children were well behaved. All that hardwork DOES pay off. *SMILE*

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