Saturday, August 4, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Ah! It's so nice to be home. There is much to be done around here, and today was no exception. We worked in the garden today and I'm not done working on the vegetables yet! Presently I'm running wax beans thru the canner. Which really if you've ever canned vegetables before you know you don't REALLY run them through the canner. LOL. It takes some time! So the first batch is coming down in pressure right now. Hopefully I can get the next batch in quickly! And then run the last ones thru in the morning.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to mop the floors. Monday Miss Lovergirl & I have dentist appts in the afternoon. I've yet to tell her but it shouldn't be a problem because she LOVES the dentist :)

Pressure cooker has cooled :)

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