Thursday, August 2, 2007

End of day 3, Morning of Day 4

Well I've just re-learned that Satan will use ANYTHING to get in the way of us doing his work. He's TICKED to say the least. Sam has been particularly fussy with me going each morning, and so you KNOW Satan has been whispering in my ear of how this is MY fault, and on and on. I've been asking the group to pray in this regard. Last night I made the decision I would not attend the final swimming lesson today, as Sam would just start in, and it would be a huge distraction to me. Well doesn't Satan hate that more than anything. So what do I come home to? A computer that's been hacked into. I literally spent about 2 hours on it last night cleaning it up. Then after 5 hours of sleep got up and started working on it again. To realize - this was Satan. As long as I'm sitting in front of that computer ~ I'm not studying, praying, etc. That makes him quite pleased. He gets a break from me. I said outloud "Satan - I'm not going to let you get the best of me" and got up. See my computer with all it's problems will still be there Friday night. I'm shutting the monitor off and I need to study.
Please pray that tonight I can be bold in sharing the gospel. The first night I had the whole potty training child incident so I only got to hear it once. Last night I observed and took it ALL in. Tonight I'm ON!

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