Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Talk of the Neighborhood

Apparently our move into our house has become quite the talk of the neighborhood. The lady next door - Sharon - stopped by this afternoon to chat while we were out doing some yard work. First let me say that there's been very little yard work done in the 7 years that the previous owners were here. At least it appears that way. So she fills us in on ALL the happenings - the cat running thru our backyard, the pitbull that was in her back yard last week (dog catcher has been called...said dog was removed) the weirdo across the street that will most likely be selling his house, and the list goes on. And then she says "but the real talk is all that you guy have done here" Um...really? That's the neighborhood gossip? And frankly folks ~ not too much has been done. I mean yes we mow the lawn regularly. We put the swing set up. Put the slides & sand box out back. Today we started a brush pile (yes we'll have a roaring fire this fall!) I guess though when someone actually DOES something even a little it makes a BIG impression. Wait till tomorrow when Applicators delivers the new roofing material! OH MY!

Well the biggest change today in our yardwork was that we cut those wretched bushes out of the front yard. Those big fir-type ones, that I refer to as WEEDS. We need to finish cutting one out - the chain saw stopped working - and then dig up the stumps but already it looks TONS better! I trimmed a rose bush, and one peony. And then we have a couple of trees - Maples - that have been over run with flowers and such around them. Well we want to turn that into lawn so that will be next up on the list. First we're pulling out all the dead wood thats around them and adding to said burn pile. Next up will be digging up any flowers worth saving, and last - weed-wacking the long grass/hay mess. I'm anxious to have some nice trees, with nice lawn under it for making a tent, or having a picnic lunch.

Oh and this one will clue you in on what the people before us were like. So said neighbor was talking to her DH and she commented "we never see lovergirl playing outside" his reply "well they probably watch her!" Um yes! We do actually watch her. Apparently the little boy here was was not well behaved and the parents rarely kept an eye on him. The neighbors have a pool completely fenced in...and said little boy dug a hole UNDER the fence to get into their pool. I guess that's creative...but tell me where are the parents????????

Ahh yes - just one more reason we're the talk of the neighborhood!

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