Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The end of day two

Well it's the end of day two, and I feel like I'm learning some. It's not all completely new to me. But there are things that I don't know that when I ask the question I get the 'duh' look. Or at least I think that. It is very interesting being there to say the least. Tonight was our first night of OJT. The first house - the man wasn't completely dressed - glad Brett didn't force me to the front on THAT one. Second house was a family, and their 4 year old boy was doing naked potty training. Of course I got to be the one to entertain the children. While I prayed for open hearts, I think I prayed more I would get peed on :) Third house - man answered the door with no shirt on..he had pants & socks...WHAT was it with the nakedness tonight??? It was a very good experience and Brett was a great teacher. I could ask him tons of questions, and he could answer them very clearly and the 'why' to them - without taking a rabit trail. LOVE IT!

Tomorrow night I'm heading out with Amber. How do I know that?? Ah - she doesn't drive, so I've been requested to be the driver :) No problem!
Well it's about that time for some snoozing.

OH - BTW - the Living room is ALL painted. Next up ~ Emma's room :)

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