Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I know, I know...usually it's WORDLESS Wednesday. But you see I don't have pictures to share at the moment ~ so it's WFMW instead!

As noted in a previous post (somewhere on here!) DH & I purchased a gently used elliptical for $75 so we can work out after the kids go to bed, before they get up, etc. It has been put to great use. But we wanted to be able to REALLY keep track of our exercise habits, and what we were eating. I personally find writing it down makes me stop and think. Plus I like the support/accountability of a group. However right now my budget does not allow me to join a gym, weightloss group or the like.

Enter my NEW FAVORITE site! Sparkpeople! It's completely 100% FREE! You can log your exercise, which it will calculate calories burned based upon what you've done for how long. It also has lists of strenth training exercises you can do with out any fancy equipment. In addition you log what you eat each day and it calculates the calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc There is a 'water glass' to log the amount of water you drink each day. Seriously I'm THRILLED. THRILLED I SAY THRILLED!!!!!! In one week of keeping track of my food my clothes are bigger. I really noticed it yesterda with the tank I put on. Even the skirt I wore on Sunday was a little bigger in areas :) There are 'teams' to join ~ which are basically people who have common interest or goals. You are matched up with some teams, and some you can search for. I've found some great recipes, and added in a number of things we eat that weren't listed. You can calculate your own recipes to see EXACTLY what you're getting (I was SHOCKED!!!!!!!!)

So if you're looking to become a healthier you, and to do it economically check out sparkpeople! It Works For ME!!!!!

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