Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tired, "UCKY", and swimming lessons

Last night Buddy was up for two + hours. Which means I was up for two plus hours. He fussed, he was sore, he got the hiccups. I had forgotten how bad his hiccups can be in the middle of the night. They last for what seems like an eternity. It was probably only 20 minutes or so, but it seemed like hours.

This morning DH & I picked peas. I know come winter I'll be thankful that I spent time picking peas in the garden, freezing them, etc. But it took me about all day to do 10 pints! And to think on Friday we have to do it all over again. DH & I are talking about having a garden at our own house. With the price of gas right now we're not sure it's economical to drive to my parents 2x's a week to pick veggies. Plus it never seems to be convenient for us as to when stuff needs to be picked.

Buddy has picked up some new words in the last few days:
Cracker (sounds like Kahka)

Yucky (Ucky) - for when I want him to not touch something.
Hi - well that one sounds just like it normally should.
He's a stubborn boy...he won't say his words all the time......Uh-Oh still preceeds something being dropped, thrown, etc

Today was day 2 of Lovergirl's swimming lessons. Let me just say so far that teacher is DEFINATELY earning her $65 from us! Lovergirl screams, hollars, and carries on the ENTIRE time. And I'm not backing down on her doing this. We paid for it, we made the commitment, and we're following thru with it! Today she and I had a LONG talk about it after the class was over. We've devised a plan of action for positive reinforcemennt. Every class that she doesn't fuss at then she gets a sticker. When she has 10 stickers we're headed to Martel's for an ice cream. Course I'm wondering if 10 stickers will take too long...but need to talk to DH about it. Maybe we'll get stickers for other things too, like putting her face in the water, kicking in the water, etc. She said she is scared in the deep part, but I assured her that NOTHING would happen to her - her teacher would keep her safe. Plus the fact that it's been FREEZING cold hasn't helped one bit. Literally her lips are purple by the time she gets out of the water.

All for now...headed to bed to get some sleep. I hope!

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