Monday, July 30, 2007

Let the Craziness Begin!

This week is going to be nuts. It already is and it's Monday. I'm in class all week starting this afternoon. And not just during the day - every evening too. And to boot - I'm fighting SOMETHING off. I fear I must take some meds to get me thru the week. But I digress...busy week. I have the EE clinic ALL week. See being the only missionary that hasn't taken ANY sort of EE doesn't look TOO spectacular. LOL. It's never been convenient...last year at clinic time I had just had Buddy the week before. Not exactly my idea of a good time after a c-section with a newborn.
So I have planned meals, washed clothes, arranged for childcare, cleaned, washed more clothes, and cooked! I was JUST getting ready to nap this morning when my parents walked in with all the wax beans for me...and my dad wanted to put the swing set back together for the kids. While I'm VERY grateful for having it back together I REALLY wanted a nap. Oh well. Now time to iron so that I can get dressed and be out of here around 3pm. My goal is to get up every morning EARLY to exercise, Blog, and have quiet time. We'll see if I can squeeze it all in each day. If you don't hear from me - I've got priorities (I have to be at the church at 8 am each morning!) Pray that I can get over whatever this is that's running me down. I feel awful and just want to sleep.

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