Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What was I thinking????

This mornin I attempted granola for breakfast. Honestly I need to stop relying on my memory for recipes I think. But seeing that most of my recipes are on the computer sometimes it's easier to go with out. And I thought I had the granola one memorized.

I do not apparently.

I didn't put in enough oats and so it didn't come out well. So I ended up tossing it and now I have to make another batch for our yogurt. We also eat it as cereal. *YUMM*

So here's the recipe to try:
3 cups of Oats
1/2 c of butter
1/2 c of honey
1/2 c each of any dried nuts/fruit (optional)

Melt butter in sauce pan, and stir in honey. Take off heat and add in Oats. Turn on an ungreased cookie sheet spreading out evenly. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes. To get it to crisp up I shut the oven off and leave it for about another 20-25 minutes and it is SOOOO good.
You can also use Maple Syrup (NOT the fake junk) in place of honey.

Tomorrow will be semi-wordless Wednesday - fun pictures of the kids coming up!


Tracy said...

Could one use a baking stone? I own no cookie sheets. :(

~ Laurie said...

Um I don't see why not. I'd probably put foil over it which is what I do so I don't have to wash the cookie sheets. I'm like that :)