Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear Buddy

Dear Buddy
This afternoon you had your last bottle of formula. Well half of it anyway. I think deep-down you know so you're saving the other 4 ounces for later. Mama cried when it was time. You see you are growing up, and well I'm not really ready for that. (However at the rate you go thru a can of formula, I'll need to clean more than a few houses to feed you!) Daddy took pictures of us, enjoying that last bubby of formula. You smiled of course with each one. Tomorrow I hope you don't throw your bubby of milk at me. I'll try to warm it a little as I know you don't really like it cold. And I promise you don't have to give up your bubbys any time soon. You really like that snuggle time with mama in the morning and just before bed.
Pretty soon you'll be one. Mama will cry a LOT that day. You see, your first year was pretty was interesting! I wondered a lot what God was trying to teach us with you. Your week in the hospital, with all those tests, and blood work, and needles, and IV's. Then a week of shots. It was nice to be able to focus just on you for a week, but I think I would have rather done it another way. I heard from Athena one of our nurses and she said that they all admired your picture for quite some time. You really were the healthiest baby in the children's hospital. And they were thrilled to see you go home.
And your crying for 4-5 months. I didn't think you'd ever stop. But you did and now you are one of the happiest baby's I know. Who would have thought! You smile at almost everyone. My little flirt.
Love you buddy,

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