Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We have a closing date!

All I can say is thank you Lord! And the best part - it's Thursday at 3! So I can go to my cleaning job on Friday morning as planned and then move on to the house to clean. SO SO SO excited.

So yes that means Saturday we will be MOVING! I can't wait to take lovergirl there on Thursday afternoon after we sign the papers ~ seeing that she has no idea that we've bought a house!

So much to do...change the CMP bill, get our phone and internet hooked up!

Ahhh the list is growing!


Tracy said...

Make sure you get video footage of your daughter seeing the house for the first time.. it might be worth some money one day. hehe.

Anonymous said...

WHOOOPPPIIEEEEE!!!! PTL PTL PTL and I 2nd T's response to tape E.G.!!! ~ Julia