Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wee Wave swim diapers & Kids sayings

So I'm pretty excited about Sam's bathing suit I bought for him. First of all the swimming trunks are SPF 50. NICE! And the matching t-shirt is SPF 35+ (not sure what the plus was). Now when I picked it up I thought it wasn't too bad for $5 a piece. He'll get quite a bit of use out of it and if he outgrows the swim trunks then I can always get him another pair and just use the T-shirt as a regular T. Well little did I realize that you don't need a swim diaper with the swim trunks. It has a built in swim diaper in it! How COOL is THAT??? I'm pretty excited it's reusable ~ just toss in the wash in between wearings and viola.

Tonight Emma and I had this discussion about whether or not she could have a snack before bed. I sort of leaned towards 'no' but in the end said it was fine. We were all a little stressed about the house mess, and in the words of my husband 'this is definately an ice cream night'. Well my little girl climbs up on the couch next to her daddy, rests her feet on his lap (in typical princess style) and opens her mouth like a baby bird. She is enjoying her ice cream when daddy said "I thought no snack tonite" and my daughter promptly responds... "This isn't a snack...this is dessert" Ah yes...papa would be proud!

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