Friday, June 8, 2007

the grandparents are home

I have two very happy children here tonight. Grammie & Papa are home from their vacation. Lovergirl jumped out of the van into her papa's arms (we were coming back from our errands). Buddy started squealing with delight in the van ~ he was SOOOO excited. I couldn't unbuckle him FAST enough. And literally Buddy wouldn't get out of Papa's arms for the rest of the morning until lunch was served. And when he got up from his nap he was right back in Papa's arms....he wanted no one else but papa. Buddy never snuggles with ANYONE - not even his mama....but he snuggled right into papa. Putting his head down on papa's shoulder and everything. The only way I got buddy into bed tonight was to bribe him with a bottle....LOL just think ~ tomorrow they have the WHOLE day to spend together!

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