Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still workin' on it

I'm happy to report I'm still working on my little project. I got the photo issue straightened out. Basically my camera is 'too good' so I have to re-size each picture and make them slightly less clear and then upload them. *annoying* Anyway all my cross stitch stuff is uploaded, and I started plowing thru the patterns. I have all the pictures taken from my simplicity patterns, some are grouped together, others are all by themselves depending upon what they are. I think I got most of the groupings listed today, so I have all the singles left. I most likely won't get to those tomorrow afternoon as I'm going to my friend M's house to clean for her and her family! I'm so excited to be able to do this for her and her family! And on Thursday I have appt with potential clients to clean their homes. I am pretty excited about this opportunity to provide some extra income for our family, and do something that I really enjoy (I know...WEIRDO). I hope that they both turn into weekly cleanings. Praying for God's leading in this area.
The other thing I MUST start working on is my EE outline. I need to have it memorized in just over a month. YIKES. I'm hoping I can start to carve out some time each day to work on the memorization. Even if it's just 20 minutes. Ok I guess that's a new goal to work on!

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