Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a lot of nothing

today was a fairly busy day, but I don't have a ton to show for it. I made 2 batches of granola bars....but barely have one batch in the house. I took at least 1/2 of each batch to my friend M's house. She just had a baby a week ago, and I knew these would make a GREAT mid-night snack for her when she's up feeding that wee~one.
I cleaned her bathroom and kitchen today. I was so happy to be able to do that for her. When S was born I had people come for a couple of weeks to do my house work. I couldn't do anything, so I had to. It was nice to be able to do this for a friend. So her bathroom and kitchen floors are shiny, her counters all clean, and her sinks!
I made my first batch of bread tonight and it failed. I tried to skip out on the bread flour and well...there is a REASON why it says to use Bread Flour. Needless to say we munched on it, and I'll be making another trip to the store tomorrow to get Bread Flour. **ANNOYING**
D's appt for tomorrow got cancelled. So technically I could go to Bible Study tomorrow....but I'm SO far behind at this point that I'm not sure it I would get anything out of going. Or if I'd be better off to go get E some new glasses tomorrow. She needs new glasses...whattodo whattodo

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