Monday, June 18, 2007

A little project

So I have a little project. Or what I *THOUGHT* would be a little project. Earlier in the year I helped my mom clean out a trunk that she had. It was filled with sewing patterns & cross stitch leaflets. Nothing that any of us is going to use. So I *rescued* them from the trash in order to try and sell them. Well after I rescued them I needed to start packing. Then we moved here. Well considering we're *still* living with the in-laws and I hadn't done a THING with them I decided I best unpack them and get started on listing them to sell. I figured this would be a very simple *little* project.

It is not.

It is HUGE. So far I have all of the cross stitch patterns listed. Unfortunately for some UNKNOWN reason it won't let me upload ALL of the pictures. It tells me they are 'too big'. They are not too big but whatever. That part took me about 2 hours. And I'm still staring at a 2 large boxes of sewing patterns that are only in order by number.
And the thing is I don't want a lot for any of these. Most of them I'm listing at $1 a piece. At least I can't complain that I don't have anything to do!

This morning we went to story hour and wouldn't you know buddy sat still for the first 25 minutes. Weiner boy. He NEVER sits for me to read to him (he bats at the book, spins around, yells, flips the book upside, crawls around, ~ you get the picture) but he sat for Miss Maureen. And then he crawled EVERYWHERE. He was so dirty by the time we left, but he had so much fun. And he didn't fuss either because he missed his nap.....phew. He had fun and so didn't Lovergirl. We also are joining the summer reading program with Lovergirl. They offer free tickets to Willowbrook & The SeaDogs (Emma will be thrilled for that!). Plus prizes in the little basket each week.
Back to my *little* project. If you (or someone else you know) are in need of cross stitch books, or sewing patterns check out my store Cleaning Out the Closet

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