Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday (Yard)Sales

This morning we went yard saleling. We had 3 sales in Scarborough we wanted to check out. Neighborhoods that people live that have more money than we have...LOL smart girl I am!

The first one we drove by and never stopped at. I'm really not sure WHY the person actually spent the $$ for the ad, but who knows what was in that dark garage of hers.
The second one we stopped at had TONS of kids stuff. Books for 25 cents. SCORE. We got 4 for lovergirl. A hopscotch mat for her - $1.00! Child-proof door hooks - new in the package for 50 cents! And then the BIG score of this sale...a NEW breadmaker for $9! Well it was marked $12 and I only had nine. So that's what I offered her and she took it. Either way SCORE.
So seeing that we were out of $$ next stop was Hannaford and wow is it hard to do groceries in a store that you aren't familiar with!
Our last stop was a multi-family yard sale to benefit the cystic-fibrosis foundation. Some in the family had recently been diagnosed. They had TONS of kids clothes, so I picked up a few things for each child - $2 a piece. Two, count them Two complete sets of glasses for $2. We're trying to decide if we're keeping a set of these or just re-selling them at our yard sale for profit :) Plus we're going to tile floor so for a while I may just hang on to them - we'll see how many glasses I break! D picked up the complete set of Tolkein series - 25 cents a piece, a sprinkler for the garden/lawn for $1 and a seed spread for $5! The clothes were slightly more than what I would pay at a yard sale but it was definately going to a worth cause. And it was all GAP, Gymboree, etc. And they had only been worn once if at all! They will be well worn in our house!

Now to get ready for Father's Day - 3 bean salad, & Strawberry Lemonade (made from scratch of course!) and this evening in to see my friend M who had her baby yesterday! Welcome to the world little Jasmine!

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