Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Favorite Coupon

I look forward to the coupons in the Sunday paper. Lately it seems like there are less and less that I use, but I still cut some every week.
My favorite one that I look for EVERY week is the $1.00 off any ONE Johnson's Buddies Product. Lovergirl loves the easy grip sudzing (yes that's how they spell it) bar. She can wash up in the tub by herself, and hang on to the soap because of the pouch that it's in. And yes, you can use the coupon on just one. Usually I can find package of this soap at Wal-Mart for 94 cents. That's right just 94 cents and the coupon is $1.00 off any one.... so yep - they pay me to buy the product! When I see it I generally ask a few other people I know that get the paper to cut it out for me (amongst other coupons) so I don't ever really buy soap for Lovergirl :)

Unfortunately this coupon wasn't in the paper today, but should be soon. Keep your eyes's a good one!

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