Friday, June 15, 2007

Frugal Friday

One of my favorite 'frugal tips' is what to do with those leftover banana's. You know the ones - everyone has passed them over and they're just sitting there. They look like leopards because they have so many spots!
One thing we love to have in the house in banana bread - so I peel those nasty banana's and freeze 'em in a freezer bag. (My recipe takes 5 banana's so it takes some time to get enough). If you do freeze them you may need to 'drain' the bag when you thaw them out. Otherwise your bread mix is a little on the soupy side.
Our other favorite thing though is to make banana pancakes with them. When they are over ripe just mash them up and mix them in your pancake batter. I find that 2 banana's work well in a full batch of pancake mix (I use my own home-made bisquick type mix) but if you only have one that's fine too! Also it gives the pancakes some sweetness so you don't need hardly any syrup ~ if any at all! The kids loves these and will usually each eat 2 pancakes when I make them (which is often lately!)

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