Thursday, June 21, 2007

new pink glasses!

This morning we took Lovergirl to get new glasses. She's worn glasses since she was 18 mos and we've always picked them out for her. This time we let HER pick them out. She was of course drawn to anything pink and girly (where in the past I had always gone with neutral frames). We tried on several pair, and settled on a pair of beautiful pearly pink pair. Of course we have to order them so we didn't get to leave with them. Lovergirl and her 'special' lenses requires us ordering them. Plus we ended up getting the transition lenses for her. Her eyes are SO sensitive, and none of the sunglasses would fit over these glasses. Dr Berman encourages ALL of his patients to get transitions. It was extra, but it's protecting her eyes, plus we're getting it reimbursed from our reimbursement account. Thankgoodness we counted on needing to get these when we figured our expenses for the year. :)

It looks like I have two houses to clean regularly. I am super excited about this little side business. I may pick up one more but we'll see. I don't want it to be SO overwhelming that I'm not getting anything done at home. But as I said to someone tonight it'll be nice to have a little breathing room in the budget each month. I'm excited to get started on this journey.
Tonight I made my second batch of bread. The first batch didn't come out so well. I didn't think you *actually* needed to use bread flour....yeah you do. Anyway we went and got some today and I made another loaf of bread tonight and it was MUCH better. We'll actually be able to use it or sandwiches tomorrow....ha ha. Buddy was REALLY excited about the sub rolls tonight with meatballs. He was smackin it in his lips and shoving in the bites just as fast as he could. LOL. silly boy.

Also super excited I got my $50 check from Digital Research from a Hannaford survey. I'm super excited to get the rest of the stuff for our bathroom. I had already purchased the shower curtain HAVE to have the shower curtain. But I didn't *need* the toothbrush holder, bathroom cup, etc. LOL.. I've been saving $$ here and there, and taking all these survey's is adding up!

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