Friday, June 22, 2007

more excitement than one could imagine

Today lovergirl has had more excitement than one could imagine! She is probably busting at the seams trying to rest. This morning was a typical ho-hum morning. She got a big 'ol slice of peanutbutter toast for breakfast. And then I made home-made lemonade. She all of a sudden says she doesn't like it with the 'strings' but I don't believe her for one minute. She and buddy played inside this morning and played really well together. Except that one time when buddy got in the cabinet and I simply picked him up, and turned him around and very sternly said "I said no". Seriously you'd think it was the end of the world. He tossed his head back and there were REAL tears. He survived.
For lunch we had shells & cheese. I take that back - they had shells & cheese. I had 3-bean salad. She thought it was wonderful. Then she ate some handfuls of crackers. Then she moved onto an orange. I'm pretty sure she's growing because this has been going on for a few days now. lol. Anyway ~ the excitement. That tell-tale music could be heard faintly in the distance. We all know what it means. The ice cream truck. And today I had some $$ in my wallet and so I said ok. She RAN outside (not realizng he was still 5 minutes away) and so we waited on the lawn for him. I've never seen such big eyes when she got to 'see'all the things she could choose from. She choose a Dora ice-pop. Strawberry & Banana flavored. She ate about half of it so into the freezer it went. She then finished off her orange.

From there I heard a door slam. Papa you see was washing the truck and she HAD to help. LOL. So I let her finish that...and then it was time to get the mail! Of COURSE! Now she is desperately trying to fall asleep...except we're getting a t-storm. *sigh* thinking if she's not asleep in a few minutes I'll end up in bed with her napping...any excuse for me to nap *wink*

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