Thursday, June 28, 2007

My love of e-bay

So I must share how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE e-bay. (I heart e-bay!) Really I do! Seriously you can find anything you need and things you didn't know you needed on there! (Kinda dangerous...but I've learned self-control).
I must share some recent 'finds' with you....

First a bread-slicing guide. With shipping it was about $18. It's in SUPERB condition! And in the end it cost me NOTHING. Why you ask? I e-bayed my formula coupons that I wasn't using and just transfered what I made on those to the bread-slicing guide.

And then there is the Ronco food dehydrator that I paid roughly $25 for! A STEAL!

Currently I'm bidding on a hip-hammock to carry Sam in. My arms are tired and I need them. Right now it's only at $2.75 (please don't run out and try to out-bid me!)

tomorrow will be 'frugal friday' and I'll share some of my freebie sites and how I manage to fill up my mail box with free goodies!

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