Friday, June 29, 2007

Frugal Friday (how to get freebies!)

So more than loving e-bay I love to get free stuff. And not junk. I'm talking good products our family will use! My friend sunbasil turned me and some other mommy's on to getting their mailbox loaded with free goodies. Now before I list out all my sites some words of caution. Never ever give your real birthdate. I always give a bogus one (within reason!). I just don't think it's safe to give someone that I don't know my ACTUAL birthdate. And second ~ set up a junk-mail e-mail account for all of these. That way when they send you confirmations and whatever other stuff they want to e-mail you it's not in your inbox.

First up - Wal-mart. Now not all of the stuff is something you want or will use, but they generally speaking have a pretty good selection. Right now there are diaper samples on there. And even if you don't use diapers for a baby, maybe your little girl would like to put them on her baby. (Yes I do this!)

Next - Start Sampling ~ this site has some different sections to it, including coupons, along with the samples. I just stick with the samples! ~ a great site that lists all the freebies that other people have found! You just have to select what you want, it'll take you to the site and viola. Freebie in your mailbox!

And then if you are feeling lucky you can google 'laundry soap sample' or some other thing you are looking for. Remember if it's too good to be probably is ;)

We've enjoyed free samples of toothpaste, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, lotion, sunscreen, and more. Now while we don't use ALL of the samples we get, but I try to collect them and save them up for my friend Barbara at Operation Adopt A Platoon. Her soldiers LOVE those small toothpastes, soaps and more!

Now sit back and wait for your mail box to fill up!

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