Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Garden

Let the gardening begin. Well I shouldn't say the gardening ~ my dad's been doing the gardening for over a month now. The picking is more like it. Let the picking begin! Leaf lettuce is ready and waiting. Honestly I don't think we'll be able to eat all the leaf lettuce. We'll try! (Today I had a homemade ceasar salad!) Next up peas. And TONS of them. There are more buds than I care to see. And the pods....oh my. Peas, Peas, PEAS!!!!!!!!! In the next few weeks I'll be literally up to my elbows in them. Next up after that - wax beans and green beens. Then corn (DEFINATELY trying to freeze some of that this year!) And last will be tomatoes. I have to can tomatoes this year. We go thru so many of them in my home made spaghetti sauce.

Oh and lets not forget the weed that grows...Zuchinni. Yes I call it a weed, because regardless of the weather it grows and grows and grows.
Broccoli for lovergirl and buddy. I'm not sure how those two would survive with out it! LOL. That'll be just before tomatoes. I'll just finish the broccoli and it'll be time to can tomatoes. And somewhere in there I'll need to make a few trips to Limerick to pick blueberries. About 15-20lbs of them. Freeze 'em and use them all year long. Last year I didn't pick enough and so I'm rationing them. *sigh*

I'm happy to see the garden doing well this year. It means it cuts back on my grocery budget. Which is so nice. Plus I know that there's no pesticides, and other stuff all over them. It's a lot of work in the summer, but a huge pay-off come January!

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