Sunday, June 24, 2007

One box down....beautiful curls, and the last moth

I have FINALLY completed one box of my patterns listed on my shop I kept 3 patterns out for us. Two robe patterns which I'm thinking about making and one skirt pattern for lovergirl. The skirt pattern takes less than a yard of material for the skirt, plus some elastic so potentially the girl can have skirts for $1 a piece with shopping on the $1/yard table at Wal-Mart. And if I get really creative I can make some matching purses for her...LOL...I think not. We'll stick with the skirts. (Although skirts with matching purses would make GREAT presents for her!) Now onto the next box. *sigh* The next box is packed full of more sewing patterns. And to think...once I get these all taken care of I'll have all my mom's workbasket magazines to sell. Those are going on e-bay though as a 'lot'. Hopefully it'll bring me some $$

Today at church so many people commented on buddy's beautiful curls. And they are beautiful. I was waiting to cut his hair till he's one, which is a month away. Thinking about that coming up made me kinda sad. Well D said yesterday we don't have to cut his hair anytime soon! WOO HOO! I'm thrilled cause I love those curls in the back of his head. A friend at church said there was no reason to cut his hair till I was ready. It's obvious he's a boy with his dirt shirt on :)

This morning we let lovergirls second moth go. She was excited to set him or her free. And now we can wash the bug bucket out. She immediately wanted to go on another bug hunt. I think not. I'm ready to be bug-less for a little while anyway!

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