Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I couldn't wait until today to find out about Sam's ultrasound so I called yesterday. I know anxious mama The blockage is the same size 5-6 mm. Of course I forgot to ask when we were doing a follow up. SOOOO I have to call back. I also got a letter from Dr Kinkead's office yesterday - they had rescheduled Sam's surgery for 10:30 am. WHAT???!?!?! Seriously people you do realize he's 9 months old right? He's NEVER going to last that long. So I called them and rescheduled that for July. She wanted to do a 10 am surgery - seriously...not going to work. How about an 8:30 am surgery??? July was his first one. So he's rescheduled for July. Course now I think he has to have a physical BEFORE his surgery. So I have to call her about that tomorrow. My list of calls is getting longer and longer. And of course my favortie call I made yesterday was to the insurance company - they had denied his 9 mos physical b/c his dr was no longer in our network. UM...you are kidding me right? So I called and was very polite and the rep looked it up. Maybe his contract changed. So then I asked - if he's no longer in network WHY did you pay for E to have her physical with the same provider 30 MINUTES BEFOREHAND???? Please hold....... Oh I'm so sorry we'll re-submit that. Seriously it's a full-time job to stay on top of the insurance companies!
Still in the midst of packing here ~ there is just so much that we use every day I'm being VERY selective. Unpacking when we get into our house is going to be a nightmare because really no box is just for one room. It's all a mish-mash of this that and everything else.

Sam is busy pulling himself up to stand at everything - the couch, chairs, the stairs, empty milk jugs, baby gates - you name it...if he can do it he will. He's also working on some first words. It'll be a toss up between Emma, Dada, and Uh-oh. hrm....notice no mama in there. :-\

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