Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lyin' Sneakin' and a hot pollypocket

Taking some time from my packing/cleaning. E for some reason is putting me to the test lately. UGH. She's been sneaky ~ she 'snuck' an egg full of m&m's not thinking I'd notice as they are hers from Easter. Except that there was chocolate ALL over mouth. Seriously child you have GOT to do better than that to sneak something past mama. That was last week and she got in trouble for it. Fast forward to Tuesday. I run up to her room to get her clothes for school and she has AGAIN seperated some 2-ply tissues into 1-ply and crinkled them up all over the place.....AND AGAIN she has pulled the 'fuzz' off the cu-tips in her room. Now most people would say take those things out of her room. See Emma gets bloody noses at the drop of a hat. So at night we vaseline her nose (there is NO WAY I'm using my finger) and of course the tissues are there for the obvious. Soooo I call her up to her room and proceed to ask what happened. Her response "I don't know" Seriously girl. This went on for 5 -10 minutes with spanks in there. I was more upset that she just wouldn't TELL me the truth "I played with the cu-tips & tissues". Finally I got it out of her after spanking her a few times for lying. Now to Wed, I come downstairs from laying S down and she runs and jumps on the couch. "Whatcha doing?" Nothing....yes you are. What were you doing. I don't know. So I direct her to the corner. She stands there a few minutes "Would you like to tell me what you were doing?" "No, I'll stand in the corner" ~ Seriously I might explode. So after a few more minutes I ask again...nope she prefers the corner. So I up the anty. I'm going to set the timer for 5 min. When it goes off I'll ask you if you'd like to tell me the truth. If you do then great ~ you tell me the truth and you can get out of the corner. If not well you get a spank, stand in the corner and I reset the timer. Thankfully we didn't even HAVE to set the timer. She was running & jumping on the couch from throwing her juice box away....nothing that was wrong she just refused to tell me the truth! ERG..... So we talked all throughout the day about how lying was wrong, it makes mommy & daddy sad, and most of all Jesus. And when we lie we get disciplined, what disciplined was, etc, etc.
So this morning I get her up and I'm changing S. She whips open her box of pollypockets and says to me "I took these Pollypockets from mame".....WHAT?????????????? UGH....... Now she's stealing????? Of course I made her call my mom and tell her (and yes I called my mom first so my mother wouldn't say 'oh that's ok honey' cause it's NOT!). She was so upset to have to call mom and tell her she took those. Maybe....just maybe she's figured this out....ugh........


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

I can't imagine what it is like when suddenly your adorable babies start thinking for themselves and making (from our perspective) silly decisions. On the one hand it is sad because it means they are growing up, but on the other hand it is good that they ARE growing up. I guess this means you are entering a new phase with the kids. It sounds like you are handling it wonderfully! It also brings a whole new light to our own childhoods "so thats how my mom always knew!" haha. I hope packing and moving goes well for you.


tracy said...

OH NO!! :(