Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A new date

We have a new closing date. I'm not completely surprised but it definately throws our schedule off. Our original plan was to close spend a week painting, cleaning, putting the new ceiling in and then moving in on D's weekend off. That's not going to happen now with the closing date on D's weekend off. GRRR...I still want to be in the house for father's day! I want to BBQ in OUR backyard. I want to UNPACK all my stuff. And we're going into the busy season for the farm stand and I need to get baking. I know I said just a few posts ago that even if we got in late it would be worth the wait and it still will be. I just want to get painting, diggin in the flower gardens, setting up the kids swing set, and all that other stuff.

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Karen T. said...

HI Laurie!! I will be praying for you as you wait...and move...and unpack...
It'll happen (she said with full knowledge that she HATES waiting too! ;) )!
Love, Karen T.