Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goodbye cleaning products!

I'm thru with cleaning products. I'm not thru with cleaning, but I'm thru with cleaning products. We've been talking sometime about going organic in our house - we practically do in our foods from the garden & the meat we buy. But we've wanted to take that further. So I've been looking into cleaning with only baking soda & vinegar. I've been keeping little lists of which one cleans what best. Plus walking down the cleaning aisle in the stores gives me a headache. All the smells, scents, etc really bother my allergies. Getting them out at home bothers me. I don't like dust, but I despise the scent of the cleaner even more so. I hate the feel of a dirty floor - but cleaning it stuffs me up. I like a shiny clean tub but the process makes my eyes water. The lack of scent in the baking soda should do the trick!
But my biggest desire has been to get a portable steamer. I've been pricing them out and they're kinda pricey. But with the purchase of one out goes my mop, extra sponges, extra cleaning products, etc. So in the long run it will balance out. But I've needed to make that initial investment. Enter today's BigLot's flyer. There on page 8 is the Portable Steam Cleaner I've been looking for - for a mere $40! And yes I have the CASH to pay for it. D called from work and we briefly discussed it and we're going to Big Lots in the morning to get it! I am SO excited! I can't wait to clean my NEW house with my NEW Steamer (which it is desperately going to need!). Plus now when we unpack I'm getting rid of all my cleaning products! Between my giant bag of baking soda, big jug of vinegar and my steamer I'll be SET!
Continuing to go green....

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tracy said...

Here are a few ideas I use:
(1) rubbing alcohol does wonders on your chrome (faucets, drains, toaster, toilet handle, etc.). Just rub a little on a cotton ball and clean away. No streaks and it makes appliances and hardware look brand new!
(2) Borax in the toilet cleans the bowl without scented products.
(3) A sheet of tin foil in the bottom of the oven helps to catch drips so there is no need to use chemicals to clean the bottom. Just pull up the old one, vac any that spills and put a new sheet down.
(4) Use old dryer sheets for dusting