Wednesday, May 30, 2007


No I'm not actually giving advice. I did that yesterday. And yes - only because I asked permssion first. It was a touchy subject, and I had been praying for WEEKS about it. I know the things I said were the right things to say, but still I just don't like doing it. Sometimes the truth hurts and yesterday I felt like it did. I tried so hard to be nice - but yet still tell the truth. :( It was easier when they were teens and we could just come right out and tell them what to do. But now they're not teenagers - and watching them go thru life is hard. (I can't even imagine watching when my kids get older!) Of course I ended it with my best advice of all - CALL BILL! BAH! It is nice to know though that Bill will tell it like it is. I just wonder how this whole problem got SO blown up to begin with. It shouldn't have been this huge to begin with. And now I see this huge mess that needs to be undone little by little. It's going to be painful I think - unfortunately. And all because people gossip. Sin sucks.

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