Friday, May 18, 2007

The Last Day of Preschool and 2 Dr visits

Today was the last day of preschool. I'm not sad it's over. I know Emma really enjoyed making friends this year but I was SO tired of driving her back and forth. She'd no more than get there and it was time to pick her up. *sigh* It wasn't so bad when Sam sat in an infant seat - but seeing that stopped back in October it's been a pain getting him in and out of the van each time. Winter was even worse. We are not doing preschool next year for a few reasons. Emma wants to learn to read and we're going to start working on that (No - we are not homeschooling her in the future - lets NOT even go down that road). She also wants to work on writing her letters and numbers. This weekend I'm going to print out some practice writing sheets for her so she can 'practice' when she sits up to the table. She loves to do school work so we're going to go back to do that. Also on Monday I think we're headed to the library for story hour. She's pretty excited about that. And she wants to do some swimming lessons this summer.
Today each child had a dr's appt. Emma has had a cough for 3 weeks now. She NEEDED a prescription. I knew it. But of course you can't just call and request a prescription. However his nurse did double book him for me so I could get Sam to his appt (more on that below). Sure enough the girl has some little infection going on and needs a script. Seriously at this point I knew this before we ever got there. At least now she'll get better.
On to Sam ~ as we all remember from last week Sam pulled the crib down on his head and I mentally thought 'he needs to go see Dr Gass'. Then last night I turned my back for 2 seconds and he somersaulted down the stairs. Yes that's right somersaulted down half a flight of stairs. He screamed. He was more mad and scared than anything. So today I called Dr Gass (our D.O.) and she answered the phone. She said she'd see him at 3:30 after she heard what had happened. Sam had recurring ear infections and after doing some manipulation his ears finally drained so I was a little concerned that he'd get another ear infection. So we went in and yep she started her work. She could FEEL all the fluid in his ears and as she worked on his little body she could feel the fluid draining out. She figures had I not brought him today he would have had an ear infection by the end of the weekend. She was VERY pleased I called her this morning to bring him in Her rule of thumb - significant bumps, falls, etc require a visit to her to get his alignment fixed to prevent the ear infections. What amazes me is that once he got that bump on his head last week it was just a matter of days when his ears started filling up and brewing. He was very good laying quite still at the appt and you could hear him sigh when she would move something back in the right spot. Now he'll have a GREAT nights sleep ~ one of my favorite parts of him going to see her (other than the fact he doesn't get sick).
On a positive note - my mom came home from the hospital yesterday. She is SO happy to be home! Her dr figures with in 2 weeks she'll be free to do whatever she wants and won't need physical therapy any longer. WOO HOO!

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