Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We're still working on our closing date for the house. Today D got the insurance all taken care of. However she mis-quoted us on the price. At first I started to get ticked. Then D said we owed less than what she gave us originally! YES! So for just over 550 a year our house will be insured. And to top it off it's all paid so that way when we get the closing date she'll put that as the effective date and viola! However, (of course there is always a however) the insurance person mentioned our closing date being pushed out. WHAT???? We had no idea. So D comes home and calls Rural Development to find out what in the world is going on. Of course Ronnie (who we normally talk with) isn't in. She's out till Friday. Jessie was in though - so he talked with her. It seems that there is a Federal Grant that we're eligible for IF they re-do our loan. So they did that with out asking us. HRM...this better be good.
Well it turns out not only is it's GREAT! We are purchasing this house for just over 180k. It needs roughly 11k worth of work to get it up to where it should be. So we were looking at having to borrow the extra to fix the house. Well in steps York County Community Action who will PAY our closing costs plus give us an extra 4500 towards the house for whatever needs to be done - part of that 11k. WELL...the Federal Grant is for 14k. Yes that's right we're getting close to 25k from the govt for this house! Our loan is for 174k - which is what we wanted to pay in the FIRST PLACE! Thank you Lord and HOW COOL IS THAT????? And the house appraised at just over 200k - and once we fix everything it'll be worth WELL over 200k!

So the closing may not happen on the 7th because there are now 8 parties that need to be there. It'll be a matter of coordinating everyone to get to the closing. But it will be SO worth the wait!

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